Bombardier Dash Q-400 Cockpit Sounds Issues

Everything sounds distorted. Please could someone help?

Ps happened in the c130 aswell

Try to restart your app, or deleting and reinstalling the app. Please provide your device, and your I.F. Version.

Already done that,

Hudl 2



If you could maybe you can make a video of your flight so that we can see if it is distorted.

Ive done that, how do I upload it?

Upload to YouTube then give a link.

Unfortunately, this is an issue related to the chipset of that device (Intel Atom). I’ve had the same problem.

So what does that mean? Will I need a new device?

For those two soundpacks (cockpit for DHD8 and C-130) yes…
I don’t think any fix for this will come as the market is pretty small, and Intel have ceased manufacturing of their mobile chipsets.

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Could you recommend any good devices​that aren’t over £150?