Bombardier Dash-8 Rework

The Bombardier Dash-8-200 (DH8B)
Photo Credits: Picssr

About The Bombardier Dash-8

The Bombardier Dash-8 family are short range, Twin engine turboprop aircraft and are manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.

The Dash 8 (DHC) focused on improving cruise performance and lowering operational costs. The aircraft has been delivered in four series. The Series 100 has a maximum capacity of 37, the Series 200 has the same capacity but offers more powerful engines, the Series 300 is a stretched, 50-seat version, and the Series 400 is further stretched to 78 passengers. Series are represented by letters; The first two (DH) stands for DeHavilland, the number after that represents the aircraft type (Dash 8) and the letter represents the series. Series 100 is shown as DH8A, Series 200 is shown as DH8B, Series 300 is shown as DH8C, and Series 400 is shown by DH8D.

In Infinite Flight:
We have the DH8D (Bombardier Dash 8-Q400) but its missing the other variants!

Things To Be Reworked In This Request:
There are several things that might be good to be reworked, some being (Comment to add) -

  • The Bombardier Dash 8-100
  • The Bombardier Dash 8-200
  • The Bombardier Dash 8-300
  • Liveries For All Variants

A Few Liveries Requesting (Comment Below Which Variant and Livery):
Bombardier Dash 8-100 - Tyrolean, Olympic Airways, US Airways, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jazz, PNG Air, etc
Bombardier Dash 8-200 - Air Greenland, SATA, United Express, Qantas, Air Niugini, Oriental Airways, etc
Bombardier Dash 8-300 - Air New Zealand (Black), Air New Zealand (Blue), Jetstar, Liat, British Airways, Caribbean Airways, Generic, etc

Dont make these aircraft’s feel left out in Infinite Flight or they may cry!

Vote for this feature by clicking the Blue Button in the top left corner and you will save these aircraft from becoming extinct!

Leave comments on what you think about these beautiful aircrafts and if you would like to see them one day in infinite flight. Aswell as things to add to this request! :)

Is actually 37 with a 2000 lbs cargo capacity without the APU installed. I work around the dash 8-100 series everyday and you forgot ravn Alaska in the 100 series on your list @Balloonchaser


I don’t see why a “rework” is needed. It’s the third or fourth most recent aircraft to be added to iF, and it’s all fine. Great, expansive liveries, good physics. All I see here is a request to expand the fleet, disguised as a “rework”.


maybe Dash 8 family better name?


Btw air Canada jazz and air Canada express are the same thing.

Qantas has the Dash 8-300

I guess you have Infinite Storage Space on your phone. There is a reason why all aircraft variants are not added to certain families such as the 737 and yes, the Dash-8. Im not a staff member so I don’t know exactly why, but I can assume it’s the increased storage space that the Simulator will take up on a device.

My point is, I agree with the variants being added but it won’t be soon sadly.