Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Steep Approach

My request is to make the Q400 so it can do steep approaches into airports like CYTZ and EGLC
That show the approach angle of 4.8 degrees needed to land on the runways. This would definitely improve the Porter Virtual VA and the VA’s that fly into EGLC. that would also make it more realistic. Please vote For this if you think it could improve the game. I hope lots of people will see this the way I do

This can probably be combined with this.

We already have the Q400… am I missing something here?

It is not setup for a steep approach though. As in my request

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How do you set it up for steep approaches? Don’t you just fly it a certain way?

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Aircraft like the Q and the CS series can catch glide slopes that are at 5 degrees and not 3 degrees. Currently all IF aircarft can only do 3 degrees with APPR on.


I believe the ones setup for one have flight spoilers to avoid overspeeding as well as that we are unable to use flaps 35 without stalling easily

That is the a318 specifically. I don’t think the Q400 has that.

Steep approaches get flown with flaps 35 degrees and normal approaches with 15 degrees. And then there’s the approach angle you’ll have to google that or something. But I’m not sure if I’m getting you’re point

that brings up the thing in my post above. it is hard to use flaps 35 without stalling the aircraft

Guys, this is a legit request.

Some aircraft types are certified for steep approaches. For example, the A318 isn’t certified normally. But the few that fly in&out of EGLC are. It’s usually a combination of altered software and slight different behavior of the ailerons if I’m not mistaken…

Same goes for the Dash, ERJ’s and probably others too.

(@Cameron, didn’t we talk about this a few months ago?)


it’s even noted in the cockpit 😄👍


That is why I asked for this feature
Currently people in porter VA aren’t supposed to land on RWY 26

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After looking into this feature in the real world, I can understand how we got mixed up and how this is a thing for approaches that he listed.

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I do steep approaches in an overweight 747… Don’t tell mentor struggle with the dash 8…

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the dash 8 has a extremely small place to make errors when having flas 35 and if you have a 10kt wind like common at CYTZ it WILL stall so yes it is difficult