Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Livery Tracking Thread

##Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Tracking Thread
This is not a place to request a livery, please create a separate topic in the Features Category. Livery request posts will be flagged as off-topic.

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###Livery and Tracking Threads Status
Tracking threads are now to be allowed on the forum due to community wishes. They will be allowed to run their course until a better solution or set of rules are created. All that we ask is you try to remain on-topic and avoid arguments as the threads can be very hard to moderate.
Tracking threads are not the place to request liveries. Threads may be closed at any time if the rules change.

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##The update is getting rolled out on Android and has been submitted to App Store!

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    I changed the title to dash 8 Q400. We might be getting more of the family


    Man you guys start already with q400…it’s probably months and months is not Matt is really working his a$$ off with Phillipe and its here soon…but i mean they are also workin on cross regions. and we don’t have any photos yet and I don’t think we will have it soon…maybe in 2 months or so we get our first photo. Just saying. But hope you get the liverys ya want


    Matt has said that it is coming soon

    Paul, please have evidence when making such claims. I have proof on this topic.

    Well soon…the a320 said also soon…but it was 5 months. And ain’t it already a thread abou this?


    No, that was like a feature request. But now that it is confirmed, I did this.

    the mods said no more tracking threads im flagging this


    @Pilot8 Dash-8 Q400 has been confirmed

    have u flagged it


    How do you know they’re working on cross-regions?[quote=“Paul_petropoulos, post:6, topic:21223”]
    they are also workin on cross regions

    Pm me…before this goes way off topic

    Sry i dint no that they were allowed, mods make this a wiki pls?

    @MishaCamp said this was ok

    Sry did not see your reply

    Yes read the other post!

    Alright wiki this up.


    I’ve got this:
    #####don’t get mad at me


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    Alaska Airlines

    Is this a Livery Tracking and/or Requests Thread?

    Are requests allowed here? Philippe said there was no point in requests thread…