Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 balances on fuselage even if all fuel is on one side

I did a belly landing in the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 and it was successful. I decided to end with a crash and set left fuel tank to full weight and right tank to empty weight, but the plane was still stable. How is that real life physics? I am just saying that this should be fixed.

Device: iPad 3
OS: iOS 9.3.5
App Version: Latest as of 16-02-2017


It’ll probably be fixed when global comes out as their adding fuel consumption. And shouldn’t this be in General?


Because the physics in the Sim aren’t perfect yet.


No. The plane shouldn’t be able to balance if all the fuel is on one side. It is more of a bug or something that shouldn’t happen so it goes under Support Tag.

True, but they won’t even make the plane tilt thanks to the centre of gravity shifting?

Are you kidding me, these are the requests yall are making now?


The way it is is better than having the plane tilt. Otherwise it would topple to one side, break the prop, have the crash screen show up, and you’ll be prompted to spawn back at the gate. Theres realism for you.

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Let’s talk about this. In your post, you’ve belly landed the Dash in the water. I. Real life, it would be ripped to prices as the props shatter when the make contact with the water, with the blades flying into the fuselage and slicy dicy all the people inside. It would immediately start to sink as well.


I don’t want violence in the game. And is having the plane topple over called violence? It is simple to create IMO.

I don’t get why this is in support.


The moment it topples over it’ll be considered a crash. You’ll barely have a split second to see your toppled over plane.


Please avoid writing in full caps. It is unnecessary and makes you look immature.

I would rather prefer to have the developers continuing to develop global flight along with other stuff instead of fixing your “issue”.

Remember, Infinite Flight is meant to be a flight simulator, not a crash simulator.


The aim of the game isn’t to crash, actually try and play it probaly

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How on earth are we supposed to reply when you’re screaming at us. I don’t think the simple tilting is as easy as you assume it is, each aircraft handles imbalances different depending on severeity, velocity and other external factors like wind so it’s not just

If fuel1=/= fuel2, intiate roll_1

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If one of your main statements is that it would topple over in real life, then surely in real life the plane would not be sat on a body of water.


This was my point @RedBulbBlueBlood9911


This shouldn’t be in Support…it’s not a bug of any kind it’s just the way the game has been developed. You could technically stick this in as a Feature request, but to be honest it’s not worth it.