Bombardier Dash 8-Q400: Aircraft Review

Today is a very special day for iOS users. The Dash 8-Q400 is released! The Dash is the first Turboprop Airliner in Infinite Flight, and we hope more are to come!


Price: $7.99 (Australian Dollar)

Liveries: 25

Airport Restriction: None


ICAO Designator: DH8D

MTOW: 64,500lbs
MLW: 61,750lbs

Engines: Pratt and Whitney Canada PW150A

Wake Turbulence Level: Medium

#Test Aircraft

Airline: Qantas
Registration: VH-QOJ
Airport: YSSY


The Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 is the first aircraft in Infinite Flight to feature Turboprop engines. This aircraft is a wonder, for short haul and small airports such as London City. The Q400 may be slower than its Jet Airliner Competitors such as the CRJ and ERJ families but it has much more to that…

The Q400 features a new sound, which has been specifically recorded by the developers and also comes with many settings. A word of warning about the Q400 landing, please keep the flaps setting to 15 for normal approaches, and 35 for steep approaches such as at London City, also Landing speed is way lower than the normal Jets that we got used to. Watch the community for a tutorial from @Sturmovik on how to fly it.

The cockpit of the newly developed also has some new features, shown to us when we got the A320 family update. The cockpit features Lights, and Also 3D objects. The beloved Pepsi we all love is still there to quench our thirst while flying. The plane also features cabin lights, also like the A320 Family to make it more interesting and enjoyable.

#The Bottom Line

As a first for Infinite Flight, the developers have worked hard and well to make it look modern. This will break the limits of planes that can fly from KSAN to KLAX or even YSSY to YSCB. This is a wonderful plane, and personally my favourite. ;)


Great job, as always! :)

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Yes, my Pepsi is alive!

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Great aircraft review :)

Tomorrow is either the 747-200 or the 777-200ER :P


The pilots can drink Pepsi during the flight :)

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Not all liveries must have lights my malev aircraft didn’t when I set it to night time

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Low Quality graphics?

Great review!

Thanks bro that’s exactly what it was

Nice thread DJ! :)

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Bombardier makes the dash 8 and Crj so I don’t know if they could be classed as rivals ;)

Okay then, competitive brother and sister ;)

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Looks and sounds very nice! Good job, as always! 👍🏼

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Nice review DJ!

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Stay on topic this is a Q400 review not a Coca Cola review.


Always wanted to fly this or an ATR, but life had other plans.

This is my favorite plane on IF. Great job devs and the people who made this happen.

High fives all around :)

This is my favorite aircraft for some reason I love commercial propeller planes.