Bombardier Dash-8 Q300

#Bombardier Dash-8 Q300

This fantastic aircraft is a small prop plane which is the younger brother of the Q400, it might be not as popular as the Q400, but could be a nice addition for regional flights on Infinite Flight.

The aircraft would also be an awesome addition to the Bombardier family, since its quite small still. :)


Should this be added?

  • Yes, looks like a nice addition
  • No, never, its awful!

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Its still flown but as you corrected it to, its not made anymore.

They have a fair few liveries. I personally really like the Q300

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Idk I’m one of those the more the better people but I don’t see that many airlines operating it so idk. I see that qantas still has quite a few and so does United express but other than that, I don’t see it.


Yea I see what you mean, as @ChiefPilotLachy said though its a nice aircraft, I have to keep hoping ha ha :)


I want it but I would want it to come way later.

We have a B787 to prepare for :)


Air Canada has heaps of them left. More then 50 I presume

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I think that this would be good but we have only just got the Q400 so give the Developers a rest


Aircraft are planned ages before another aircraft is released. So they do what they usually decide. This feature may not be looked at for months

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love this. Its like the A319 of the Q400 family! :D


I´d prefer to have the old text restored instead of new aircrafts.


Cool “wannabe” prop,
Would be excellent for Carribean and Hawaii ! 🙂


This is not needed… If you see people requesting liveries and kind of stuff that does not belong here just flag it, no need to include the rules in the post.

Otherwise, I agree with @planemadblog


The topic is obviously about the Dash 8 Q300. Don’t request anything here, just share your opinion about the feature itself.
Further, the CS100 is totally off-topic. Discuss what has been requested only.

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Cool. Lots of coast guards use this planes for some reason.

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It’s pretty nice, but the Q400 will suffice for me.

I don’t think it’s needed. We already have the Q400. I’d rather see an ERJ145.

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ACA Has 26 300’s 34 100’s and 21 Q400’s (JAZZ), and 5 Q400’s (SKY REGIONAL)

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Same. I like the 145 Family. it be better than a CRJ