Bombardier Dash-8 Q300

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The Bombardier Dash 8 or Q-Series, previously known as the de Havilland Canada Dash 8 or DHC-8, is a series of twin-engine, medium-range, turboprop airliners. Introduced by de Havilland Canada (DHC) in 1984, they are now produced by Bombardier Aerospace. Over 1,000 Dash 8s of all models have been built.[3]

The Dash 8 was developed from the de Havilland Canada Dash 7, which featured extreme short take-off and landing (STOL) performance. With the Dash 8, DHC focused on improving cruise performance and lowering operational costs. The engine chosen was the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100. The aircraft has been delivered in four series. The Series 100 has a maximum capacity of 39, the Series 200 has the same capacity but offers more powerful engines, the Series 300 is a stretched, 50-seat version, and the Series 400 is further stretched to 78 passengers. Models delivered after 1997 have cabin noise suppression and are designated with the prefix “Q”. Production of the Series 100 ceased in 2005, and the Q200 and Q300 in 2009.

This aircraft would be very suitable for many parts of this world where we cannot access with our mighty A380’s, or even our 717’s. This aircraft is a true icon in the Aviation Industry, and I believe it definitely needs to be added possibly for our next update!

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I think this would be a great addition too @baxy380!!! I love how small it is :)

Never thought Q was for “quite” … I thought maybe for “quick” like as in “Quickly Dash” to over there ( pronounced “thar” or “dare” ) :)

To bad PSA (or is it Piedmont) replacing theirs with E145s

I suppose you could say it is for quickness! :)

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Dont forget about the Q 200

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Sorry, Kevin! Will look again before I post another possible duplicate topic! Cheers mate

Yes! the Q-200 is an amazing aircraft!

It looks nice but im out of votes :/

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