Bombardier Dash 8 Q200

The Dash 8-200 is the smaller version of the Q300 and 400. It would be great for regional hops in IF.

Abu Dhabi Airlines
Air Greenland
US Airways
Air Niugini
Air Iceland
Air Panama
AvMax Aircraft Leasing
CummutAir (United Express)
Eastern Australia Airlines
Quebec government
LAN Colombia
Regional 1
Sara Air Açores
Sunshine Airlines
Tassili Algeria (on order)
LC Perú
Mesa Airlines
Oriental Air Bridge


Air Panama never used the Q200, he used the Q300😄Which is no longer in service.


You forgot Air Canada.
Also, it’s not officially the Q200 its the Dash 8-200 or DHC-8-200.


You should add air Canada jazz.

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I didn’t notice that you said that until I said it! :)

Actually Air Canada Jazz is not the same as Air Canada Express
Air Canada doesn’t own Jazz.

I didn’t mean I wanted air canada express. I want air canada jazz. I meant that we both posted air canada

I’m pretty sure United airlines operates them too

the Q200 is the “Quiet” version of the planes. Horizon Air (Alaska Air) operated the Q200 for a while in and out of YYJ. to me theres 0 difference between the noise of the Q400, and the Dash 8-100/200/300.

The -300 is a waaaaaaay more popular smaller variant. Plus most of the airlines that everyone are listing (Jazz, United, etc) are -300 operators, not -200.

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weird tho, cause i was on a old Dash 8 of Jazz, when it was still Jazz. retro everything except the uniforms. the safety card said “Bombardier Dash 8-100/200/300”

If Thats Not Enough, it was one of the very first Dash 8-s for Jazz!

I would love to see the Q200

It’s entirely possible they flew the -200s, but they weren’t on the list of operators I found and I’ve only ever seen them fly -300s and -400s.

That would be a good addition.
They still might want to focus on other types of planes first

and 100’s on some routes. they used to fly the 100’s into YYJ going to YVR, but with so much traffic the switched to the 300’s with Q400’s doing the flights in peak hours

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That’s correct. In fact, they apparently operate more -100s than -300s or -400s, but I have confirmed that they never operated the -200s

Would FDS still add Them?

I assume so. They have the B742 which is all old liveries, so I don’t see why not.

I actually quoted that for 2 reasons, to ask and to get a badge

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Would love to see this, can’t believe this feature request hasn’t seen any action since for two years, It just got my vote.

I have been thinking about this lately with both UA under the commut air brand, and AA under the Piedmont brand retiring there aircraft this year. Believe it or not this is actually my favorite aircraft around. It has also played an important role in aviation in america, canada, and many other places. Although all of the Dash 8-200’s operating commercially in the US have been retired, there are still numerous operating for air canada, as well as numerous other carriers around the world.

Check out the Dash 8 story by Piedmont just published on July 4th 2018 as it was retired.


Commut Air (I traveled on N368PH, and N362PH)

Air Canada
Jazz air operated a wonderful assortment of colors displaying fall colors

Air Greenland