Bombardier Dash-8 Family Rework

I mean on the Dash 8 100.

Voted! I’ve been flying a lot in the Dash-8, it would be nice to have a rework. Especially since propeller planes are so often overlooked on Infinite Flight. A rework might get all the “I-don’t-fly-propeller-planes” people to reconsider

Agreed. I hope all 4 variants will come.

We also need the 2016 Alaska/Horizon livery :)

I want to see Alaska airlines new livery for the Dash 8

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It would be nice to see all Wideroe variants (-100,-200,-300). Here is the -100 variant:


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Love to see these Nok Air liveries on the Q400:


We need this so badly, let’s get some more votes!

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@flybarroso !

Not the best fan but, the real logo is there…

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