Bombardier Dash-8 Family Rework

The Q stands for Quiet!

Bombardier Dash-8 Family Rework

Photo Credit - crosswind_aviation_photography

About Bombardier

Bombardier Inc. is a multinational aerospace and transportation company based in Montreal , Quebec, Canada. Bombardier started as a maker of snowmobiles, and is now a large manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, and mass transportation equipment, as well as a provider of financial services.

Why do we need this?

I (personally) think that the Dash-8 Family is a wonderful Aircraft in Infinite Flight, and having the CRJ come by with all it’s glory, the Dash-8 has great potential to be just as beautiful.

I know most will say “it’s too early” or “It’s fine as it is”. While both statements are true, the Dash-8 can always be better, and although it may be early to request this, it doesn’t mean it HAS to be now, it could come in the future.

What could this Rework include?

  • Pilots in the Cockpit
  • Windshield wipers
  • Opening Doors (Service Doors, Cargo, Passenger Doors etc)
  • Fully detailed Cabin
  • New sound pack
  • Cabin lighting
  • Added liveries (All Air Canada liveries ;) )
  • Wingflex
  • Anything else FDS can think of with their brilliant minds!

  • Add Q-100/200
  • Add Q-300
  • Rework Q-400

Would you like to see this?

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Wikipedia - Bombardier Dash-8
Wikipedia - About Bombardier
Picture by - crosswind_aviation_photography

See you soon!


I know the Dash-8 is in need of all the things you listed, but to be honest its not half bad in terms of quality. I’ll drop a vote later on once aircraft like the A330/340 & 757/767 get reworked as well as all other aircraft needing a rework.

Overall, great request in terms of quality and layout. Great Job.


I agree but I only want it like the A320 family rework. Just new livery’s and new sounds, oh and suspension.

The A320 never got new sounds. Just new liveries, wing-flex and gear suspension.

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Yeah I know that…

Nice feature request! Once the ATR72 is released I’ll move that vote to this one ;) Turbo props are awesome!


Olympic Air 😍

Nice feature request, might go ahead and give this a vote

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I love the Dash 8

Whilst the current model is great i’d love to see a bit of a re-work of the prop sounds particularly when in reverse pitch , working doors and some additional liveries

Nicely presented request, +1 vote :)


Cool! We need more turboprop and propeller airplanes in the game, and the other dash 8 variants are definitely a good start.My favorite dash is the US Airways dash 8-100.


I think that the Q-400 works just fine!

But I would really like to see Q100/200/300 being added to IF, especially in Air Canada and Widerøe liveries.

I like the idea, but i think it would be even cooler if we could get the Dash 8-q100/200/300 as well


737 Rework > This, but this is definitely something I think the game needs. Was hoping for the older Dash-8’s when the original update came out.

Yeah dash 8 needs rework. More liveries , openable doors , appr etc.

WING FLEX in a dash !?!

I would love to hear new engine sounds

Oh yes, we definitely need these, they’re absolutely amazing little planes! Had the pleasure of spotting a few at Wellington!


I honestly would love this. I’m a free up a vote for this!

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As we know that the CRJ aircraft (all variants) have a lot of features, then the Q400 should be updated with working instruments. The features of the updated Q400 should be as same as the CRJ aircraft. The engine’s sound should also be updated as well.

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A rework for the Dash 8 would be a nice bonus. And also, seeing that the whole CRJ line of aircraft is in Infinite Flight, I think it just may be possible for the developers to add in the rest of the Dash 8 family. It would definitely be such an awesome line of turboprops with plenty of places to go. You have my vote!

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The animated passenger door should be like this when it is opened:

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