Bombardier Dash 8 E-9A (US Air Force)

Saw this plane in a post on the forums and thought it looked cool! If the other Dash 8 variants get added, this would be a great addition! image (not my photo: credits to @speedbird203)

more info about the aircraft here


Personally I hate it.

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What is that box under the plane?

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I think it’s a radar sensor, it’s only on one side of the aircaft


Looks cool

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I don’t like it

Looks like a water plane haha

Thanks for fact checking

I read a quick fact sheet on the USAF website about the aircraft, didn’t see any info about the ‘white box’ explicitly, so I assumed it was a radar sensor

MaxSez: your right Captain the pod is a SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Surveillance Radar) Array. The antenna are COMINT (Communication Intercept) arrays.
This boy gottya within 50/100 nautical miles and can vectors on call interceptors. In reality It’s part of the maritime/boarder Homeland Security Network which includes fixed balloons.


I hate it personally! It looks Aweful to me.