Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

Well if it comes down to atr vs a220 then I’ll of course vote a220 but right now it looks like I just need to get some background information on all of theses smaller planes tbh . Thanks anyway tho


I would definetly recommend that! In my case researching about the A220 made me realize what perfect plane it is

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I wouldn’t say it was for nothing… almost 2800 People voted for the A220, thats insane. I see this as a win too, even we lost the Vote, many people got informed about the A220 and People voted it… Yeah okay, it wasn’t enough to win the Vote, but at the end of the day its not the worst…
I’m sure the results wont be forgotten by the Staff, so chances are high that we see our beloved Bird sooner than later…

and directly to you, @Maximilian1805

thanks for your intense Effort you put in here the all the time, especially the last days.
I know, loosing hurts, even more when it was close… beeing disapointed is okay for a day or two, but after that its time to stand your man and take it as what it is… move on, never give up.

Fly high

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Thanks @SunDown

I will definitely continue to fight for this aircraft, but I really hope this vote isn’t for nothing, just because we lost because of 40 votes. I hope the developers will consider the second place, too when choosing a future addition!

I’m pretty sure they do… I mean, 2778 Votes should not go unnoticed

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My fear is though, that most A330 voters will now vote for the other aircraft because of the dispute ours and their side had

hey, never loose the faith… I don’t think the A220 will be featured in another Voting, I think it gets choosed after the A330 by the Devs… At least thats what I hope for… if it gets into another vote, I’m sure another Longhaul would win, probably thebQueen or the A380

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Ok, to end the “war” between the A220 and the A330 side, I want to start to post normal posts again by giving you this: A pilots point of view on flying the A220 (thats what we should really care about when choosing a new plane, because thats where we spend our time flying in ;)

I disagree with this. The customers pay for what they want and if there isn’t something they want, they vote for it. Infinite Flight held the poll and unfortunately A223 didn’t win. However, we can appreciate that we’re still getting a reworked aircraft.

Not every customer is going to go read an article on what irl pilots say is good to fly. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in, but you cannot change that.

There’s not much you can do about the A333 winning today (other than celebrate of course), but you can focus on getting the A223 in the next update. I see a lot of people calling it unfair, but you all saw the polls. You also saw the staff comments on how they decide the planes too, but this time it was a direct vote and the A333 won.

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Thats all I am doing! The comment with the cockpit referred to the next update already

Ok, but might I remind you again, not everyone will share the same opinion as you on the A223 even in the next update. However, I do see hope for this aircraft being added next time.

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I hope maybe like the 757 or 737 they keep it a surprise and add it 2021 even though it lost the vote

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Well. We lost this round but that’s ok. You still have got to have faith in the next updates! Who knows! Maybe in 2021 we can still get the A220


Sorry I thought you meant the a220

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@Maximilian1805 Just so you know I’m not totally against the A220 (even though I prefer the E-Jets and ATR) - here’s a vote. Hopefully we’ll see the A220 make an appearance in the sim in the near future!


I really appreciate it!

Even though we did lose I hope the devs won’t ignore the difference was 36 votes, this (or another regional such as the E-Jets or ATR) oughta be added after the A330.

But hey, at least everyone who’s been whining for an A330 rework for years can finally stop, it was getting kinda deafening.

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We will get it next time!

Another interesting article, this time from the passengers point of view (he has flown 220 hours in an A220 😂)

I think nobody touched on this so far, but I love the wings of the A220. The winglets, make it look so unique!

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