Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


Would be fine too. It’s just that we have way more airliner than turboprops or small propeller aircraft.


Great addition, going to find and replace one of my votes with this! The Swiss livery is amazing 😍

It’s sad that we have to call it the boring A220 instead of the CSeries, CS100/CS300. I think I’m being like some Londoners who refuse to call “Crossrail” “Elizabeth Line”.

In all seriousness, very nice addition to Infinite Flight and the real world!


I will remove my vote if u remove the CSseries


But because they ordered them before it was named a220 are they CS planes :D


What are you replying to me for? xd…


???mate Whuuut ???


It literally has the arrow then my name as if you’re replying to me…


Yesss it does because u said this mate ”Air Baltic is now an airline with the A220”


Oh I see what you’re replying to. Sorry I didn’t understand what you were trying to say :]


Nooo problemos mate 😆


This definitely needs to be added xD Seems only fair that the next aircraft made would be an Airbus Airplane… Especially since American planes have gotten so much love so far. Give the Canadian - European cooperation some love!


JetBlue just ordered 60 a220-300


And hey guys, wouldn’t you all agree we should wait a year or so before getting this so we have more operators yet announced with orders be in the game?


Isnt the Farnbourgh (however you spell it) Airshow happening this year? Airbus/Bombardier will surely clock in a few orders then. So I don’t think we should wait a year to make this.


We’re almost at 200 votes guys! 😮


Yes it is, and Airbus is planning a big debut for their newest fleet member as far as I know.


Oh man LH would look stunning with the a220


Congrats your current vote count: 202🙂👍


LH‘s livery is ALWAYS looking great😉


its next week VERY excited!!!