Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


This is awesome. This is honestly my favorite aircraft, and to be seen that they are getting a lot more orders is very amazing. Can’t wait to see many of them flying in the U.S. soon!


That’s true. I hope they do replace many e-jets and smaller 737 for example.


we should be seeing deltas roll out of the factory anyway now very exciting!


Awesome news : Even Lufthansa is considering getting the Cseries!


lol well technically Lufthansa already has the cseries, they just operate them for Swiss


Lufthansa order the CS100 and CS300 only for Swiss


That is a shame, I would love them flying brand new CS ac’s together with their also bland new A320N… Well, we can hope.


Yes, we can hope. I think Infinite flight create more American liveries than other country. This is not true. And why the 787 is already on IF while A350 is not in IF and Bombardier Cseries. And it was time to have CRJ. Anyways, nevertheless IF is a very good game.


Yes, but the logical reason there is more American liveries is that the majority of the players is most likely American and the fact that it is such a vast country with wealthy inhabitants =many large operators


Such a beautiful aircraft, would love to have this


Guys, it’s time to change the name of this thread. It’s official. It’s now the A220


Rename to Airbus A220


Actually its airbus A220


I’ve renamed it, but I’ve kept “CSeries” so people don’t get confused :)


Would be awesome to see this plane, but there are a few things need to be finished before imo.

  1. Advanced airport lights (taxi lights, runway lights etc.)
  2. A330/A340 rework
  3. B757/767 rework
  4. more GA aircraft

If it would be possible to release the A220 (I’ll need some time to get used to the new name lol) it would be amazing of course, but I think everything comes step by step so it will take some time from now on.


I’d rather put the C Series at 4 personally


I think that the A220 would be a great addition because it is a fundamentally different plane to fly with. However, similar to the A350, FDS may not have the necessary resources yet to create an accurate model.


Air Baltic is now an airline with the A220


Yes, Swiss operates plenty as well. But I don’t think there is enough data to create an accurate model


Why not? Multiple airlines have it in service and unlike the A350 we know plenty about it…