Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


This is a really cool Aircraft! AC would fit it as well too! You got my vote.

Picture Here:


Delta will receive a “handful” in 4Q18


I’d much rather see stuff that would actually improve the flying experience of the sim. New planes are always cool but you know…it’s “just” a new plane.
I’d suggest we vote up something like real weather (clouds, rain etc), 3D scenery Animation(buildings, rocks, forests), improved runways (sand runways, mud rwys, uneven surfaces), working lights(Landing lights that actually illuminate the surface, Taxiway lighting etc), A co pilot Feature(two people fly one plane) and just lots more!!!

I think even ONE of the mentioned features above would improve the experience and quality of IF just so much more than another plane…


I really long for rain, snow and thunder!


but if you want those things you should play on desktop? While phone processing power has improved greatly you cannot expect it power a game to the same standard as a game like X plane.


if it runs like FSX I’ll take it


Bombardier CSeries is getting bought up from Airbus


Most def got my vote.🤩🤩🤩


Noooo! Don’t name it the A200! Keep the CS100 and CS300 names.


@CaptianDwyer I am a Canadain so I really don’t want bombardier t9 hand over the C series to Airbus


They already did by giving them a 50.001% stake in it


Yeah, @Ryan2 is right, because of a CS100 engine failure during testing, the FAA capped its approval, meaning it could no longer fly in US airspaces, which means immediately many airlines who were interested dropped out. So Bombardier couldn’t support the aircrafts research and production. They were originally just going to dump the program but Airbus saw the potential and stepped in to help funding, therefore purchasing a majority stake in the series. Its kind of bittersweet because without Airbus, this aircraft might not even exist, but I do not think that Airbus should turn this beautiful plane into another one of its franchises.


Actually they bought the majority when this happened. They recieved money from the canadian govt. And when they tried to sell the planes to Delta at a loss Airbus stepped in and bought the stake with the intent to build them in the U.S. to avoid the 300% tariffs


Thats the video I got most of my info from!


that is not true though. they weren’t gonna dump the program from everything I saw. and the only thing airbus helped with was a production line


Oh, maybe I was mistaken.


The main reason for Airbus getting a huge stake in the Cseries is because of the huge tariffs that the US government put on Bombardier. By having Airbus they could create their aircraft in airbus’ factory in America which would cancel out the tariffs. And also Airbus has so much more reputation so they could receive more interest again.


Funny livery 😋


After this merger with airbus the Cseries (a200) is going to take off literally

New buyers

JetBlue: will order the -300
it is also hinted that American (“AA”): will order at least 100 reports say
Spirit: is also very interested