Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220



Jetblue might operate them now too


We see somany regonals around here, hope to see this one soon, love the kinda fat proportions of it…


BA should use it on their JFK-LCY flight, as they wouldn’t have to stop at shannon i believe


I think that the A318 is capable of flying London to New York, however due to the short runway at London City they wouldn’t be able to take off with all the fuel. This is why they make the stop in Shannon i believe.


that is in fact true. That is also why there is only 50 seats


Not for seats though, there are 50 as it’s all business class, no economy at all out of LCY to JFK


no but that’s so they don’t have them like sardines on a small plane like that


Whoa i need this plane to get me to buy live again. I have live now, but im tired of all the planes now…


I’m not sure but I heard it was 32 business class seats only.


Agree, the C Series would be a nice addition to the Bombardier family in Infinite Flight


I agree, especially next to the CRJ family. Although the only thing with the C-Series is their wouldn’t be many liveries available for it.


It doesn’t matter about the liveries, I mean there are some fictional liveries, but a plane should pretty much only be limited to who operates them. Plus, there are plenty of customers who had placed orders and are also worldwide. This plane is also still relatively new, orders can still be placed.


Would be great. The only problem I see, is that because it is a (relatively) new aircraft, probably not all specifications will be available. But nonetheless, it would look great if BA ordered them for their LCY-JFK route!


Would absolutely love to see this plane. it is the perfect plane for landing at smallish airports around the world hopefully people will love for like i did


yes i know, that it is because of the short runway. I have heard thought that the CS100 would be able to do it with all the fuel, and still takeoff at LCY


What specs do you think is missing? That’s the excuse for not implementing the a350 aswell, but on the other hand, the B787 is in the game and it’s almost as new as a350.


I can’t wait to use the Delta CS100


getting more and more votes :)


spirit might order some! they are very interested