Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


Was it the bra delivery or what? Cant think of any other airline that would want a CS delivery to take place in essa?


Air Baltic. Landed in Stockholm so it could fly to Riga the next morning.


I want it I want it I want it!!!


I was looking at the new Swiss CS300 and damn. What a beauty. It’s basically a shorter version of my favorite aircraft, the A350. The CS300 is just so cool. I honestly can’t wait for this to come out some time because they need to add more regional aircrafts.


I’d really like to see this aircraft takeoff, both real world and in IF. The 100-120 seat market is a tough niche and small market segment; a grey area of the airline industry. It will be very difficult to sell enough planes to recoup the costs of production and development. So aircraft manufacturers try to design an aircraft family that an airframe can span as much of the market as possible. Bo’Bus tried with the 737-600 and A318 but the mainline carriers have been wanting 125+ seats and US Scope Clauses keeps regionals from using the 100-120 market. The C100 is too big to shrink for regional markets so it won’t have the success of the Embraer’s E-Jet family spanning 60-116 seat jet; which btw the new E2s have been delayed because they are to heavy and exceed the 86k lb rule in the scope clauses which show no signs of changing (the last hope for the CRJ ~ which Bombardier has no money to re-engine to go with the new cabin upgrade).

Spirit and American fly the E190 in small numbers compared to larger jets and I don’t know of many others besides Delta that’s still flying the MDs and 717s

The US regional market is in decline because regional partners of the mainline are starting to pay their pilots better, the costs of servicing regional airports with jets instead of turborops is going up vs demand. To cover costs seat prices from regional airports are higher so people in say Birmingham Alabama or Chattanooga TN would rather rent a car or and drive; even Uber or Lyft to Atlanta to catch a plane or go home from Atlanta because it can be way cheaper. I’m from a small town that’s at least 2 hours from any airport making any 5-8 hour drive cheaper and just as much time to get there factoring in TSA security times and lines to check in, taxi times etc to your ultimate destination.

Some other articles I’ve read seems to suggest Bombardier will have to compete against older A319s that the leases are ending that some airlines may go for cheaper prices. The other thing to note is that some trains of thought are to keep as many of the same family of aircraft in a fleet to keep the costs of maintenance, training and logistics down.

Bombardier has literally bet the farm on this aircraft, it’ll make it or break the company which is considering selling off the Q400 and CRJ operations.

But hey, I voted, love the aircraft and again, hope it takes off


Hopefully the CRJ rework (which should be like a whole new aircraft addition) will happen soon to add the regional family of aircraft. It’d also be nice to see some new paint schemes for the E-Jet family; maybe cabin lights and night cockpit? Too much to ask? Off topic? … Probably :-)


I like the CSeries, but I’m more concerned with the outdated planes like the CRJ200, and the C17.


I agree, I voted because I knew the new CRJ family is on it’s way but yeah would rather see a C-17 and Embraer E-Jet rework before this.


Yeah, and I think the satellite imagery needs work too… (cough, cough)


Just fly at night then you won’t notice it lol, oh then switch to daytime when you land so you can see the taxiway and parking lol


I would really like to see some Gulfstreams, maybe some Dassault Falcons??? Because they said more GA’s are probably going to be coming soon. Hopefully it is something good like these :P Off-Topic my bad


So sad that we have to say things like this about the game lol. But at the same time, it’s a mobile game which is really incredible.


Just consider it a “no” vote, if there was such a button lol. I’ve noticed that these feature polls are either vote yes and comment why or it’s off topic and not a no button and a why not to get before this lol. Speaking of slightly of topic lol, My personal top 10 priority would be (some are in the pipeline)

  1. CRJ 200-1000
  2. ERJ 170-195 rework
  3. ERJ 145 Family
  4. C-17 rework
  5. PC-12
  6. Enhanced Weather visualization
  7. Update all other existing aircraft
  8. C Series Aircraft
  9. Landing lights that would actually illuminate
  10. Taxiway lighting and/or marking directions
    ~ though with 9 and 10 I’m content to flying only in daytime or switch to daytime for takeoff and landing
    Then what everybody else wants that I haven’t mentioned lol


Me want now…


no I disagree no need for anymore jets we need more GA


for me it’s 787 mini :D


Good idea, but I don’t know if we have enough info about the plane as it is very new.


Sure we do, it’s been in service with Swiss and AirBaltic for some time now.

Would love to see this fantastic looking Canadian bird in the game!


in a nutshell id say get it better than xplane 11


This video shows how this plane was possible. Me want NOW!!! ;P