Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


And the same to the a350, yet it has plenty of votes


They will never make a new plane if there isn’t enough information available to make it realistic


Yep the mods even said the a350 is not happening until there’s more info on it


Guys keep it about the BCS here please…


More about the Bombardier CS Programm:

SWISS Launch Customer:

Bombardier Info:


nope i want this. BADLY


don’t waste vote on here (just saying)
as the next won’t be airliner, some planes has to be reworked first.
So vote on livery or type of plane you want for rework.


would be great if you’d stop “don’t vote, because…”

This is a threat for those who like the plane and even though it is highly doubtful it would come in the nearer future, it still is nice to get together here and celebrate our love for this beauty.

So if you think its worthless, no need to spread that amongst those who like the plane… :)


This might be off-topic but this plane goes from Riga to Dubai I think. Long haul for a tiny plane. It’s incredible! This deserves my vote!


A little off topic, but how many votes does something in features have to have for it to be considered? The plane looks amazing by the way! I would vote for it, but I am out of votes.😢


There is no specific threshold to pass. Just keep commenting, but add to the discussion, and you’re sure to get more votes.


Thanks. I’ll take note of that.


Korean Air was the launch customer for Asia if I’m not mistaken.


I do totally agree. Nice plane and I’d love to have it in IF. Would be my second wish after the A350-family


I think the CSeries should defiantly be considered it would complete the offering along side the existing Dash 8 and CRJ Series :)


Deltas first Cs100 is on final assembly


That will be cool to see roll out of the hangar!


You got my vote! Would love the Delta CS100


Bra - joint Swedish Airlines , new Scandinavian carrier


On it’s delivery flight the CS300 flew direct from YMX - Montreal to Stockholm, and it still had 5 tons left of fuel. That’s enough to fly on past Moscow!