Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220



Cute plane, definitely voted.


Y’all might want this plane now, cause all the airlines are gonna buy this beauty now.


Yea especially when Bombardier and Airbus signed a contract!


QantasLink needs some of these 😍
I’d rather a Bombardier than some old A320 transferred from Jetstar.


I might be wrong, so don’t quote me on it, but I believe WestJet will be using CSeries aircraft when they launch Swoop later this year.


This really is the most beautiful domestic aircraft ever built.

Would be great to have it here.

Especially for LCY :)


More American airlines* See they’re now allowed to break the law in the American market. They’ve always been allowed to sell them to other countries


Don’t forget the Airbus deal, that’ll also attract more orders. And they obviously haven’t broken the law if the ones enforcing it deemed so.


This aircraft would be a nice addition to the fleet


I agree, liveries could be: Swiss, AirBaltic, KoreanAir, Delta, British Airways, Aeromexico, IF livery, etc…


Awesome plane! Have flown in it once. Awesome inside as well


Would love to have this plane.


EgyptAir have also confirmed their order of 12 CS300’s


Guys keep voting this Plane!!!

It is a great one for London City, Europe and Medium Haul Flights all over the World.


It would be really awesome to have this beauty 😍


Been a dream plane to fly on IF for me! Although I do think it would be better to get existing planes reworked. You hardly see any a330s/a340s anywhere and that’s a shame because I love them


There is not enough information on this plane for it to be added yet


But still we want it


Lol that’s not how it works Brent