Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


Awesome! Hopefully I’ll see them in Houston!


No, only the CS100. There may be options for CS300 though.


if you need more proof please let me know!


actually no the first 30 are confirmed CS100’s but after that delta is going to start switching it to the 300

here is my source, if ya don’t believe me ;)

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They CAN covert, not will. But we can expect them to convert some, possibly.


not what all these articles are saying, Delta will for sure be getting the -300 after the first 35 of the cs100 are delivered

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I want to revive this thread. These aircraft are needed for short to medium haul flights. They are very beautiful aircraft and can be used anywhere.


*operators permitting
Anyway this aircraft would be wonderful in IF, regardless of the few airlines operating it so far.


British Airways are also considering using this plane for their LCY to JFK route


Absolutely agree with everything you said!
Thankfully the Romandy livery was to only last a year. And knowing it was unveiled June this year, 8 more months to go before that thing is no more.


I’m voting on this! It’s a beautiful plane


This bird would make so much sense in Global!


The CS300 looks beautiful. Would be my first pick for short haul flights when it comes out. Voted!


You get my vote! Would love to see this aircraft in IF


I recently found this video by Wendover Productions:

It details how the CSeries is basically unmatched in our present economy, and how an Airbus + Bombardier collaboration could fulfill a large portion of the need for medium sized narrow-bodies. Overall, I found it to be a really interesting video on the CS100 and 300. This is a beautiful plane, and I’d love to fly this inside of Infinite Flight.


deltas first 2 CS100 on final assembly


Korean Air has just received to of its Bombadier Aircraft. Do hope to see this fleet in the game in future.


BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines) formerlly known as Malmö Aviation will operate it too. Its not a very large airline but it would be a nice addition to complement the Scandinavian fleet which is in need of some smaler airlines (as of now its just Widerø, SAS, Norwegian and Finnair) and their livery looks good too.


beautiful air baltic cs300 at EFHK


This is such a beautiful aircraft.
Great cockpit, very (!) nice and bright cabin and even greater engines…