Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


The first time I saw this aircraft I fell in love, I still love it. This is needed.

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Let’s revive this post

Airbus A220 or BCS. Your choice. But lets get it… :)


It would be a nice plane to have in IF! but I don’t think it’s a priority right now. One the a350 is released maybe this would be the next aircraft. Who knows!

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Might be fun to have it in both the Airbus and the Bombardier livery.


Just to ensure everyone is aware: We can vote for the A220 (formerly known as CSeries) in the pinned poll on the forum.

Please cast your vote for this fantastic aircraft to have it added to Infinite Flight probably within 2019, thank you!!!


EVERYONE! You have just 5 mins. to cast your vote! Go vote for this beauty before it ends!

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A list of my personal reasons to support the A220:

  1. Outside appearence: In my opinion it’s simply an amazing and very beautiful aircraft (See the attached image!)
  2. The flight deck: The A220 has an amazing state of the art flight deck with 5 to 7 big screens and lovely huge windows.
  3. The capabilities of the A220: The A220 can fly flights from 30 minutes to 6-8 hours with maximum payload. It’s also built for short runways and the A220-100 is even equipped for steep approaches such as London City.


A long story short: In my opinion the A220 is beautiful and built and equipped for a huge diversity of flights and routes and it’s my absolute favourite.

Thank you for your support for this fantastic aircraft!

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I’ve voted ages ago for this aircraft. I want it, bad.

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