Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


300 votes! ๐ŸŽ‰


Unfortunately, I cannot vote but Iโ€™m strongly supporting the addition of the nice plane.


The A220 has now officially entered passenger service in the US. In my opinion this is a great opportunity to bring this amazing aircraft to Infinite Flight!


@HiFlyer was on the inagural Delta A220 flight.From the pics I see this is a must need.


It surely would be an absolutely great airplane for Infinite Flight!


donโ€™t mind me just a tiny nudgy


Sorry if this is off-topic but Airbus is doing another test flight on their A220, before handing it off to Delta. here it is currently โ€”>


How nice to see this topic still going!


Yes, I believe it is very important to keep it active to ensure people cast their votes for this fantastic aircraft!


absolutely got my vote


We need this guys:


I think @ItsBlitz can agree with you on that


You have my vote!


We definitely need this. This would be perfect for tomorrows event, at RKSI! If we had it I would of flown 4 times between Gimpo and Incheon. Only if it was in the game :(


Bump for this topic


Once Jetblue decides to get the A220 then we can consider this being added :)


Deltaโ€™s A220โ€™s r sooo slick!


I know right



After the A350, which we now know is coming to IF, they definitely need to add this aircraft! You earned my vote!