Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


i cant vote but this would be awesome


Definitely would be a nice addition


I would love to see this aircraft in the game!


Woooww sol beautiful plane!! i want this! ;)


After seeing the first Delta delivery… had to give this a vote. hope to see this baby soon!


Although I don’t think this bird will come anytime soon, I just had to vote for it. The CS/A220 family has many great things about it that would be amazing to have in the sim.


Now that’s the way to look at it! I have to say I agree. Even though I know it won’t come anytime soon, I’d still like to show my support by voting. This aircraft would be great to have in the sim if it does eventually come.

I voted on this a long time ago but I just had to commend you on your way of thinking. I appreciate it. :)


With this new aircraft If it gets added should have a different engine sound


And maybe a nice cockpit and wingflex


If it’s gonna be with a new engine sound, dont ya think we should have a full engine overhaul? Wink Wink: Massive Engine Sound Overhaul


Yea we probably should have the engine overhaul so the engine would sound much different to how the planes do


I never take a cs series plane,but it looks beautiful. wanna see it in IF


I’d like to see this in Infinite Flight!


We need this in IF!


Yes we really do


This is something I would love to see in 2019. It just looks amazing! Everyone please vote if you can.


The A220 would be an incredible great addition to Infinite Flight, as it is an very modern and extremely capable aircraft, which can operate flights with a flight time of 35 minutes as well as flights with a flight time of more than 6 hours.


Funny how this just popped up on my screen.


I seriously think this should be the next aircraft. This plane is truly revolutionary in comfort, control and looks. I would love to see the A220 implemented next.


Definitely…I think that IF should get existing aircraft reworked, first. Compared to modern IF standards, aircraft like the A330 and 757 are severely lacking, and cannot be neglected any longer.