Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


I really like this plane and wish it was in the game. I call the Baby87, since it looks like a baby 787, and has the same design and fuel efficiency as one.


check this out!


A beautiful aircraft with a beautiful livery!!😍
Credits to Airbus

EDIT: It’s a photoshop.


lol and credits to me for finding the pic ahahahahah


I saw this earlier. I just saw someone post it as the request.


The a220 is officially my second favourite aircraft. My first favourite is the a319


Between Embraer E190 and the Boeing 737-800 Airbus A220 is on the list!


Delta first a220 went into paint last week, should be out in the next week


Are you sure? If so could you send proof?


First of all, it doesn’t take 2 weeks, also Delta isn’t going to receive them until December… so they aren’t ready yet


If the above statement is in fact true, that means Delta will begin test flying the aircraft after painting over the next few months. This all happens prior to its delivery for revenue service sometime in December as you stated. :)


the proof of the first a220 being in paint


here ya go!


your facts are wrong, they will be getting them by the end of September early October my source for that is this website aswell


Doesn’t provide any info. Plus when I load it the Twitter posts don’t show. (They show for a split second and then vanish.)


this is a very reliable source





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If yall need more proof please DM me


and agian you are making assumptions that are un true