Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

Another interesting article, this time from the passengers point of view (he has flown 220 hours in an A220 😂)

I think nobody touched on this so far, but I love the wings of the A220. The winglets, make it look so unique!

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Your picture is a wingtip of an A330 in small.
Change my mind.


I‘m kidding




Thanks they didn’t 🙏🏼

That’s true but in my opinion the winglet doesn’t look good in such a size. For big aircraft Prefer winglets like the ones the A350 has, because they look more elegant on them

really? thats not gonna happen, they cant build an aircraft from scratch, test and release it within 5 weeks… sorry but thats not possible at all

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Anything is possible Leah… 🙌

as much as I wish this to be true, you have to think realistic… I’m all in for a 2021 release after the A330 (since ut won, I’m A220 Team lol)

Yes think it will come in 2021 as well. They always surprise us.

I really hope so damn much they add A220 after finish reworking A330 or finish B757 rework. If they not add that aircraft, then I never fly with A330 forever until they add A220 (I will change my mind if they add A220).

I don’t want to wait until 2022 to see new aircraft because their quality development is top notch.

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EgyptAir is often forgotten when it comes to operators

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That’s just a beautiful livery on this aircraft.

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By this year I meant 2021

but this year still is 2020

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Sorry @SunDown , that was an accident and I fixed it

Vote for A220! #LetItCome

HI team!!
don’t give up hope
we will get this plane!!!

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That’s the coolest of the AirBaltic special liveries imo: