Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


I See your point of view but if IF wanted to release it next spring it will most likely be the best quality A220 putting them over top of XP11 FSX


I actually worked at the Farnborough airshow this year for Bombardier and all the staff were saying how gutting it was seeing their baby in the Airbus livery! They’d been working on that plane for nearly a decade so was definitely a bit of a kick in the teeth for them :(


This really needs to be added 💁🏻‍♂️ Airbus and non American manufacturers need some major love!


Why did bombardier sell it then? But anyways the main point of the thread is to request for this beautiful plane


Check out this amazing video about the Cseries/A220. Everything you need to know about it is explained, even your question.


Its too complex for me to explain here but they didn’t just “sell it”, it was the result of a legal battle between Boeing and Bombardier and Airbus waded in to help.


220 votes for the A220. Lets hope to see this aircraft in Infinite Flight.


The other day this was at about 70 votes, now 220! Wow, seems pretty popular, I would love to see this get added. Although you should keep in mind that the A220 is still quite new to aviation… ;]


Definitely one of the more popular choices!


Well, look at that :)


I thought that it would be the subsidiary “Moxy Airways” that would receive the A220’s. Either was looks cool!


yay finally! its official!


no no no jetblue ordered 60 and moxy ordered 60… 2 different orders


Oh ok that makes sense. Thanks mate. ;)


I think this would be an awsome plane to be added


I’m not sure is Moxy is even related to JetBlue. they might just be another carrier.


I heard that the founder of JetBlue started it.


As far as I’m aware based off of what I read. Moxy will be a subsidiary of JetBlue with the purpose of connecting lesser served markets, particularly in the western part of the states which they are yet to dive into and to operate more as a LCC than JetBlue currently does.


yes so it is technically 120 a220 orders from JetBlue


Deltas a220 are confirmed to have IFE