Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

I would love to see this gorgeous plane in IF.


467 votes! This beauty deserves to be added to IF.


Yes, she really needs to be added to IF! Hopefully the developers start looking into this airplane soon! :D


Maybe after the Cessna and the 350 would they consider such a beauty. I saw one for the first time like 3 days ago in person and man not only did it look beautiful, but those engines just sounded amazing for such a small plane!

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You know Air Canada A223s are going there?

Yup! From YYZ! 😃

i know ill spot one when they arrive

I can’t believe I have not voted for this. I would love to see this airplane in Infinite Flight!


I think we should start a petition to rename the Airbus A220 back to the Bombardier CS. It would help acknowledge that Bombardier has designed the plane and they deserve more credit. Also, Bombardier is a more neutral company in the commercial aviation world, slightly favored by Airbus than Boeing because of the Airbus acquisition. Because Bombardier isn’t directly part of the Airbus-Boeing war, it would help Airbus sell their planes slightly better to airlines who are Boeing loyal, like Southwest and Westjet. Also, Bombardier has had lots of trouble over the past few years and almost went bankrupt, they achieved something remarkable by making the CS Series. I think we should call the A220 the Bombardier CS-100/200 regardless of the Airbus buyout. It also gives us Canadians something extra to be proud of. image image


That is a very good idea! Although I prefer A220 over C-Series, I’m sure many would appreciate it if Bombardier received more attention and credit for creating this incredible aircraft. is a great place to start this petition!


The C series and the A220 are essentially the same thing, just different names. It’s a Bombardier designed plane, with the Airbus logo slapped on the side of it.

@BigBert10 hopefully those A220’s will be coming to SJC.

The A220s are already at SJC

Delta has nonstop A220 service to SJC from SLC and SEA. (I’ve flown on a Delta A220 SEA-SJC) Soon, we will have Air Canada’s A220s from YYZ.

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LaGuardia will be getting more A220 service as well! Air Canada will fly them from Montreal starting March 2020 😃

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I wouldn’t agree as the amount of sales generated by Airbus for this fantastic airplane is simply stunning. Under Bombardier the airplane was not in a good competitive position, even though it’s design is great. Now with the slight enhancements made by Airbus and the power of the salesforce the aircraft is selling better and better and there are exciting times ahead for the A220!

I want this even more than I voted before now since I’ve just flown on that birdie.


It would be awesome to have that plane in the ranks of the Infinite flight fleet

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You’re lucky! Air Canada doesn’t fly their A220 to SJC from YYZ until May 2020

It would be cool if the A221 and A223 could both be added to IF.


The problem is that AC’s A220 service to LGA is only scheduled from March to the end of April. Hopefully that will change

I’ve been seeing the a220 in jfk