Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

They’ve ditched Dubai for ages. It’s Abu Dhabi.

That looks right, via


Where’d you hear about that?


Thanks for the better map! I didnt quite understand the website you used, because as far as I understood you could only make ETOPS range circles.

Here is the quote from Wikipedia: In February 2020, Airbus announced an increase in payload capacity, achieved through a 1.8 t increase in the maximum zero-fuel weight and maximum landing weight of both the -100 and the -300, to be introduced as an option from 2022.[100] From 2021, David Neeleman’s Moxy project should receive A220-300s with extra fuel tanks for 4,000 nmi (7,400 km) of range, allowing transatlantic flights or long routes like OrlandoCuritiba, Brazil, more range than the A321LR with 70% lower trip costs than A330s.[101]

link to the article: Airbus A220 - Wikipedia


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I just looked at the top voted thing in #features. The only one that has more votes than this and is still open is Taxiway lights with 1780. Let’s get this topic to 1K!


Yes we need

Indeed we do! The A220 has repeatedly shown that it’s more viable than its competitors! Did you ever fly on one?

Yes it was great performance. I’ve never been on one but I’ve seen them

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I made a concept photoshop for how Air Burkina’s A220-300 could look like after the plane will be delivered to them (it’s my first photoshop so pls remember that!)

Here is another aircraft of them I used as reference:

Here is their route map btw. They would be able to serve nearly the whole continent with the A220 as well as many European destinations (just like they are planning on doing)

Air Burkina route map


that’s a really plain livery. You could’ve tried to make an entirely new livery or rework the current one

also u forgot the tiny lil black belly

Well, I assume they will stick with their current one, and I dont want to speculate, so I did this livery. Thanks for the belly though!

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I corrected it, even though the belly is probably a bit too wide

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This is an hard choice for me. E jets or a220 like they’re both good planes , and I can’t get attached apart from both of them.

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Vote for both 🙃

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No I mean like if it comes down to an vote like the a330 vs a220 ( not saying it will come down to an vote ).


Feel free to choose what you want, but I would appreciate it if you would choose the A220!


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