Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

what is the hype with the A220 there are so few flights with it …

not if your flying to the Baltic states!


Delta just took delivery not to long ago and they just started revenue flights a few days ago

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Because people like it. Respect peoples opinions and take your business elsewhere.

If you dont understand read up plz.

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After days of arguing for it I’ve learned more about the A220 and come to find that is definitely not the case, and in a year’s time it will be even less of an issue. You have to think long term.


Per appearance

  1. airBaltic Latvia 100 livery - A220-300

  2. airBaltic “Estonian Flag” - A220-300 (Air Baltic)

  3. airBaltic “Lithuanian Flag”- A220-300 (Air Baltic)

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Same here! I spend the whole week researching, wrote 3 articles, Argumented with 10 people about the same thing and learned Adobe Illustrator to make an Infographic 😂

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Personally I don’t care how many flights a carrier or plane has in real life. I am focused on plane diversity for the sim pilot. I voted for the 220 since I feel we have enough long haul planes for people to do overnight flights on. Well, since the ERJ didn’t make the list.


go a220

I won’t really care if the a330 wins though

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I 100% agree

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Wait wouldn’t you die? This is a joke in a PM, pls don’t take this seriously

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even thought Im from the other thread , I love this analogy that you have put up there . People will either be smart and wise, or foolish and make despicable decisions based on who wins. Wise man indeed.

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I’m 84% confident the A220 wins

The a220 a350 and 787 look very similar

The A220 is a mix of A320 and 787

i often call the a220 the 787’s little cousin

more like a mix of the E-Jet and the 787

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I think I would be most hyped for Swiss and Delta, lots of cool little routes to fly!

Yes I agree

Breathing exercise guys