Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220


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The old topic got closed with 55 votes. I don’t know why, but anyway, we really need this plane in IF.

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I agree. The Swiss CS100 will soon be the largest plane to fly into EGLC


We need this plane! It’ll be very popular!!


I love the Swiss livery and I love this plane. My next vote, once one of mine frees up will for sure be for this.


It was really sad to see the Avro go away like that. But it would be sadder to see the CS Series go 😰
We need this!


I’m more of an Embraer E-Jet guy, but this plane is amazing. I love just about everything about it!


Airlines That Do or Will Operate CSeries Aircraft
•Air Baltic (CS300)
•Air Canada (CS300)
•Delta (CS100)
•Falcon Air Services (CS300)
•Gulf Air (CS100)
•Iraqi Airways (CS300)
•Korean Air (CS300)
•Lufthansa (CS100, CS300)
•Odessy Airlines (CS100)
•Privat Air (CS100)
•Swiss Global Airlines (CS100, CS300)

If you have anymore that I missed, make sure you tell me, I’ll add them


There goes my last vote…


awesome idea! Love this new plane!


I think the cs series is interesting because it is able to start/land from EGLC and is even able to perform a non-stop flight of EGLC to KJFK wich the a318 is only able to from KJFK to EGLC.


Are you sure about that? I doubt they’d be flying it that route


Definitely voting for CSeries. It’s a great plane and looks much better than the E2 series! Looks really good in the SWISS livery. However not a fan of the Romandy livery.


Yes i am sure. Ive heard BA is interested in one of the CS (not sure if its the 100 or 300).

I am just gonna search for it.

Edit: here is the link i found it in that the cs100 is capable of non stop LCY-JFK and the second link that at least two airline do think about that route with the cs100.


This should be in IF


I really wish I had more votes.


I love the Bombardier CSeries but the urge to delete one of my previous votes is the urge I have to play Global!


Deleted a vote, I just need this!


I would rather have Sun Country added to Infinite Flight but that ain’t happening anytime soon…


Just gonna bump this. We need this in global.


delta will be operating both the 100 and 300