Bombardier CS300 Swiss Romandy Livery

My gosh this livery is awesome. If we get the CS300 I want this livery! It looks so awesome.
This livery was the first Swiss painted CS300 and was painted by Mathias Forbach. It was painted for 12 months to express the Swiss Romandy which is the western French speaking part of Switzerland.

Not my photo

Really interesting livery! I like it.

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Why don’t you vote if you like it?

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Wooow that’s so many pictures

Yeah. They are supposed to represent Romandy, the French speaking part of Switzerland.
Honestly, I hate its look. Living in Geneva, I see it really often unfortunately.
One ugly livery compared to others done by Swiss.

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It kinda looks like a page in where’s Waldo

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Yeah in my opinion it looks ugly

One of the most colorful livery I’ve ever seen!

My photo ;)

If the Bombardier gets added, I want this livery 👍

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