Bombardier CRJ550

I found this aircraft on Wikipedia’s United Express page and I don’t know what it is.

Can anyone tell me about the CRJ550?


It’s the same plane just configured differently and with a new name. It has less seats to accommodate passenger satisfaction with extra leg room and other small items on board.


same plane?

Same design/aircraft model but different interior details and layout.



The Mitsubishi CRJ550 has all the same qualities as a CRJ700. However, as mentioned above, it has a different interior which accomodates around 50 people, compared to the 70 the CRJ700 accomodates.

United Express typically utilises this aircraft on routes where demand is low, but high enough to warrent at most 50 people on a flight.

To see what the CRJ550 is like to fly on, I’d recommend this trip report!


thanks :D

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No worries! Hope this helped. :)

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