Bombardier CRJ family discussion

First of all this is NOT a tracking feed instead it is a topic we’re you discuss the unconfirmed parts of the rework and not stuff that has been confirmed. The reason for creating this is so that on the tracking feed people only discuss the confirmed things and so it does not end up with lots of useless incorrect information and speculations. If you have any speculations or if you want to discuss the liverys and variants of the CRJ family you would like to see post them on this topic not the tracking feed. Sticking to this topic with those things will make the tracking feed a place to find out confirmed features instead of searching though useless comments.

Bombardier CRJ tracking feed Bombardier CRJ Family Tracking Thread

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It’s too early for a thread like this, we dont have too much info on this update, and discussion at this early stage in development usually brings speculation and false info which we dont want ;).

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I created this to ease tension on the tracking feed before it is filled with rubbish not as a tracking feed.


I am just really hoping the cockpit is as high quality as those on the MD11/DC10 update are.

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I agree the current one is horrible.

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