Bombardier CRJ-900

Hi! In the upcoming CRJ update there is two aircrats that have been confirmed, thos two aircrafts are the following: CRJ-700 and CRJ-200 they both have many liveries! But I really hope that they add in CRJ-900 that is a stunning aircraft that many airliners use, here are some of the airlines that use em: Scandinavian airlines, Tunisair ( I really love this one). Lufthansa regional, Delta airlines, American Airlines/ eagle. So I really hope that they add in this fantastic aircraft into the update!
Here is a picture of the Tunisair Express CRJ-900.

Looks pretty nice!

Make sure also to include credit under your photo to the original owner and also vote for your own topic!!

There are multiple feature requests on specific liveries of this model though.

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Aren’t they doing this already…?

I probably look stupid saying this

EDIT: wow I don’t look bad

Thanks ! And Ive already talked to the owner of this photo (:

@Infinite_Flyer is right, they are adding this in the upcoming CRJ Rework

Do you know if they are adding the Tunisair Express livery?

This is where you can find all the information on the upcoming CRJ items. If you don’t see it in that thread, it has not been confirmed yet. But yes, the CRJ family is coming and more information will be released as variants/liveries are confirmed.


Well we have to wait and see…

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I already checked the CRJ tracking thread and it has yet not been confirmed!

And the CRJ-900 has been requested many times now across many threads. The best course of action is to wait and see.