Bombardier CRJ-700

Ahh ok then thanks for clearing that up.

Unrelated note, FDS should add the Challenger with the CRJ since it was based off the Challenger and we really need more bizjet GAs…

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Keep contributing positively and soon enough you can post a feature request for it!

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I’m just waiting to get TL2 so I can post this, what do you think?

If I see this pop up in Features anytime from now I will hunt you down for stealing my idea… :P

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I’m just bumping this because…look at how beautiful she is :).


Since the CRJ is in the lead yes, I understand this is subject to change, I thought I’d bump it this up, because its gorgeous.

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Time to bring this topic back, we need this so bad! Gotta have this livery 😍

credit to Wikipedia

Dude that’s an ERJ…


lol, it’s an ERJ900 😂 [Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering @ KCLT - 301200ZSEP17

I’m so confused. Idk if you’re just trolling or actually made a mistake.

There you go, fixed.

Btw this has been confirmed :)


Jackbot back at it again.


Mods can close this i think

I mean, you could’ve always flagged it…