Bombardier CRJ-700 Screenshots

Hey, I am a big fan of the CRJ family so I thought I’d go ahead and post some of my best screenshots of it here. If many of you don’t know, I’m Austin, bound to fly the CRJ regional jets for Delta Airlines after I finish up my schooling, and if you know, flying the CRJ requires more skill than most aircraft being that its autopilot is heavily limited and the fact that it does not have an auto throttle. I’ve been gaining some experience with that on other sims. Hope you all like the pics! IF is more of a relaxing experience flying the CRJ which I do like at times. I truly can’t wait to fly this beautiful aircraft for Delta in the future. It is my favorite regional jet.

Callsign: DAL2722
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ700
Server: Training Server

(I know the pictures aren’t too impressive, just some pics I took of my flight)

Show some love please, thanks.


Really cool pictures! I hope you do become a pilot someday becasue I’m sure you’d make a phenomenal pilot! Just one tiny thing, try putting them in order. Otherwise really nice!


Nice shots! I love the CRJ-700, such a beautiful aircraft.

Wish they hadn’t renamed it the MHJRIJRIJIJ (etc…)

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Cool shots buddy

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Good pics :)

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Great screenshots 👍

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