Bombardier Challenger 350 - N472AR

Challenger 350 - N472AR

Challenger 472AR (PC: Me, Myself, and I)

About N472AR

N472AR is a 4.25 year old Challenger 350 based out of Naples, FL. Built in 2018, this example of the Challenger 350 features a simple, but classic white and grey paintjob accompanied by black accents on the tail, winglets, pinstripe, and most distinctively, the nose. While it isn’t the most colourful or the most exotic looking 350 out there, its understated elegance makes it a prime choice for someone wishing to fly an aircraft that’s more subtle, yet classy. The paint job also makes it an ideal replacement for both the Private 5 and Private 6 liveries on the outgoing C750 Citation X.

About the Challenger 350

Following the success of its predecessor, the Bombardier Challenger 300 (BD-100-1A10), Bombardier built the Challenger 350 as a slightly upgraded version of the Challenger 300. Having first flown on 2 March 2013, the 350 is capable of carrying 8 (standard configuration, but this can go up to 16) passengers at Mach 0.80 over 3,200nm. The primary differences between the Challenger 300 and the 350 are a slight thrust bump in takeoff power, canted winglets, upgraded avionics, and slightly bigger windows. To date, there are roughly 350 Challenger 350s in service, accompanied by roughly 450 Challenger 300s.

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Can’t wait to see the 350 in… infinite flight. But the citation legacy will live on. 😁


Hey Dan! I think this is a great idea and I would love to see it. You got my vote!!!

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NIce one, you have my vote (finally in the right place 🤣

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looks and sounds good. Looking forward to flying this aircraft! Voted.

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Thanks for the support, Vincent, Korgast, and Adit!


you have my vote!

It’s actually owned by Columbia collier properties llc in Florida

The first CL35 livery that actually appeals to me - simple, sleek, clean and modern! Voted ✅

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Voted, one of the few liveries I find attractive on the CL35

Voted! Very good livery!

i love that mask!

What a cool looking livery.