Bombardier C Series; Just Another Airbus

With Airbus taking over the C series sources say it maybe rebranded as the “A200” series


Hu… looks a lot like a 350 already so would fit right in 😂


Oh yeah, I heard of that!

Would the rebrand be affecting all Airbus aircrafts?

Huh, that is interesting. So all Airbus offshoots will fit under the category A2xx it looks.


It’s still a Bombardier Built plane, nothing will change that…

By Airbus in Alabama ;) lol … Hmmm maybe a nickname that’ll catch on…the Alabama Airbus A200 hehe Roll Tide

No. For some reason I’m emotionally attached to the name CSeries


Well, if it becomes an Airbus family, we will need to change the Bombardier CSeries topic to Airbus A200 series.

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It might actually get added to the game then lol


Right! It would be in the top of the aircraft selection list in the sim.

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Wait what? What the hell is going on? Can somebody please enlighten me on this topic?

Well, from what I’ve been reading, pending the final deal being completed; Airbus will take control of the CSeries after Bombardier could not get enough orders on the books

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Yes, it feels more modern

I think that theyll keep thr name, C Series, but it will be Airbus CS100 or Airbus CS300. Gonna feel weird at first, but hey, it was weird for people back in the day to start saying 707 or 727 or 737 or 747, and we certainly adjusted.

Imagine if Airbus bought the Q series as rumoured? This might be similar?
Airbus Q400?

Think of it like when Bombardier bought deHavilland Canada. How we went from the deHavilland Canada Dash 8-400 THEN to Bombardier Dash 8-400 and then they changed the name AGAIN to the Bombardier Q400.

Sounds too similar to the A400 personally

If that did happen, then it would look like Bombardier was merging with Airbus, which would be a little sad. Even less competition with Airbus and Boeing.

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Lol it kinda dose…

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I don’t think that they need it when EADs has ATR. I know that ATR is not Airbus but ATR is part of EADs, just like Airbus. Too close to get Dash-8 Q400.

The only sentence in the post answers your question.