Bombardier announces new CRJ550

Both Images by Bombardier
Bombardier has announced the Bombardier CRJ550, and all new 50 seater airplane that will be launched with United Airlines

I think this is interesting. I havent seen a new CRJ in a while, and I think this one will replace the CRJ200, which is the only current 50 seater regional airliner in service.


And United has some on order, and is putting a pretty sparse but premium configuration in.

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I can not begin to express how excited I am for this! The CRJ is one of my favorite aircraft, and to see the program continuing to grow and improve is very exciting, especially with the difficulties Bombardier has been having lately.

It’s also great to see a new 50 seat aircraft. There is a big market for them, especially in the US. The CRJ-200 and E145 aircraft are ageing, and up until now there wasn’t really anything to take their places.

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Right after ou’re CRJ update too, prefect timeing Bombardier… 😒


We need this in IF now!



Nice to see an updated aircraft since the CRJs are getting older. Sounds like a nice cabin with the extra legroom. Hopefully American orders some.

This would be great in the sim, but I feel like lots more will come before this :(

Something is wrong with this one. Just kidding, I like it too.

Let’s just hope that United does not pull a “CL65” and make the passenger experience horrible.


Dang this looks really gorgeous!

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This actually looks quite decent!

I think you mean the new A250…😂

In all seriousness, happy to see Bombardier keeping the CRJ series alive with this new model. Hopefully we can see American (Eagle or Envoy), United, or Air Canada purchase the type, as seeing they have operated the CRJ for some time now. Although, I have a few doubts about American as they placed an order for the CRJ-900 October of last year, but still hoping to see this.

Let’s pray Airbus doesn’t re-brand it 😂


I really hate to burst all your bubbles, but there are a few articles out there which are stating GoJet and Jetstream are just reconfiguring their existing CRJ700s with the new interior and calling tham CRJ550s. I haven’t seen any new orders for the airframe, so as of now no benefit for Bombardier.

I don’t feel like reading so can anyone help me out? When is the plane supposed to be ready for action?

Hopefully this doesn’t become the A550! JkJk
The CRJ dominates the regional market and will for a long while

Ooh yah a crj-200 that’s stretched into a crj-700 length

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These positive changes are just one of the reasons why United stock is up 37% YOY while DL is down 6% and AA is down 28%.

I’m very excited for this! Does anyone happen to know if the cockpit will be identical, or updated with newer systems?

Can’t wait to see this in the sky! Pretty sure GoJet bought some of them.

The cockpit will remain the same. It’ll be a reconfigured CRJ7 for 50 seats just like the CRJ9 “Atmosphere” is configured with 70 seats.

Because US Scope Clauses in pilot contracts in the US, carriers are limited to the number of aircraft in the 50/70/76 seat count class and under 86k pounds MTOW. Most of the legacy carriers are at their Max for 70/76 seaters and the only way to replace the 50 seaters is with more 50s.

Bombardier’s CRJs was not part of the Airbus deal so it won’t be a an Airbus

CRJ550 is merely a recertification of a CR7 that is maxed out at 50 seats and has a lowered MTOW which allows it to comply with UA scope rules.