Bomb threat of YVR (Updated version 3. Bomb to gun threat?)

There has been a report of bomb threat in YVR(Vancouver International aka my home airport) Police has been notified and all baggages are now being further inspected. Might be just a threat or a prank.

Another thing cool to see are guys teasing the airport.


More idiots doing idiot things!

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I remember seeing something like this. Some girl made a bomb threat to American Airlines and she stated crying after when the police was notified 😂😂


why would you do that? People think they can be forgiven if they call it a “prank”.

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What a crappy world we live in.

Well, that’s what you get when you don’t teach your children the right way.

Yes Chad. Very true

Got the part 3 coming soon on your way… Very very interesting to follow from this

Haha I love this 😂😂. What made it amazing is when Vancouver Airport responded to him on Twitter saying “we take these kinds of threats seriously” the kid responded "Yolo my nigga" hahaha


IKR that kinda made my day

Part 3 is up. Getting more hilarious as we go

Awwww man I hope they put of a video of the swat team raiding this stupid kids house lol. I don’t think he realizes they can back trace his IP address so they could find his exact location. I want to see the look of fear in his face and crying the words “IT WAS JUST A PRANK!!!” 😂😂😂😂


FBI incoming. Brace yourselves.

Part 4’s gonna be the comments section of a group’s post talking about this. Stay tuned

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When fuc**ng up goes bad

Part 4 coming?

It’s just a prank ! Just a prank !

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Hang on. Let me give you a surprise when it comes


That boy is the kid saying I didn’t do it in the polar express.