Boliviana de Aviacion Boeing B737-800

Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) is currently the largest airline and flag carrier of Bolivia.

Operating from its main airport (Jorge Wilstermann International airport), the airline flies to many destinations in South America (Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile). BoA also flies with codeshare agreements with Iberia and American Airlines to Madrid and the United States.

The airline currently operates a fleet of 17 Boeing 737s (9 B733s, 4 B737s and 4 B738s), 4 B763s and 2 CRJ-200s.

I’d like to see this livery included because one can make several flights in South America which wouldn’t be flown on other airlines. Also, Bolivia has altiports, airports which are at high altitudes, so that would be a takeoff challenge for the regular airliners.

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This would be a great aircraft to fly to LA Paz with!


Imagine trying to takeoff from thos hot and high airports, it would be fun to try.