Boliviana de Aviacion Boeing 767

IT could be for more liveries.

Maybe you want to tell us a little bit about the airline and why you want it in the game :) ? Just a pic isn‘t enough

Oh it hasn’t load.

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Its important to vote for your own request ;)

@Johnny1, he’s all out of votes.
In terms of the feature request, I like it a lot! It could use some more information, like a background on the aircraft, and why you want this in IF. I’d vote if I could. I could finally do some long haul flying to the beautiful terrain that is Bolivia. Unfortunately, I too am out of votes.

Yes please!!!

Photo credit: Me

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Woah! This painting on 767 would look very good, as well as on 737. It would be great to fly to Guarulhos. I hope to see in the rework of the 767, who knows even before.