Boise gets more love!

Calling all Boise residents!! Have you ever want to fly to PHX/AUS/ORD/PUW?

Well, you’re in luck! Alaska Airlines announced 4 new destinations from Boise, with 2 of the 4 routes starting today!

  • Boise to Chicago, this starts today (6/17)!

  • Boise to Austin, this starts today (6/17)!

  • Boise to Pullman, this starts August 17th (8/17)!

  • Boise to Phoenix, this starts November 19th (11/19)!


  • Boise to Chicago = $84
    (Price is same on return)
  • Boise to Austin = $93
    (Price is same on return)
  • Boise to Pullman = $90
    (Price is same on return)
  • Boise to Phoenix = $84
    (Price is same on return)

I am happy to see Boise receive new routes, more expansion which could mean more competition! Can’t wait to see how well this pans out!


New Alaska Airlines flights | Alaska Airlines


Awesome to see cities in Idaho getting more Love. I know American Airlines is going to start some new flights into KIDA this summer

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