Boise Flyout

This will be at 11/24/22


This is the best event I have ever seen on the IFC.


Love the detail that was put into this!


Hello 👋, if you are interested in creating an event, you can use the #live:events feature to post your event, along with an in depth description of when, where, what server, and more. You can even take inspiration from other events

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It looks to be a great event, very well planned. I can’t imagine how much thought you have put in it, amazing!

Instead of being unhelpfully sarcastic, perhaps you’d all be better off using your time and energy to help point the user in the right direction to create an event, just like @EAviation did. Let’s act a bit more maturely here, folks. No need to jump on someone for their very first topic.


Dear OP, in all seriousness, once you get to TL2 (which is required to create a #live:events post), you can check out this topic to help you out in making a good and organized event:

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