Boise Bee P-51

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The Boise bee is a P 51C mustang that was used in WW2. It was the last plane ever built with a Merlin engine. It was named the Boise bee because the person who flew it was named Duan Willard Beeson and was from Boise Idaho. The man did very well in WW2 with his plane and became an ace with an astounding 20 enemy shootdowns! This plane is still flying today. The only issue it had was last year when it landed in KLWS the main gear collapsed but now it has been repaired. It is now stored at the Warhawk museum in Nampa Idaho. It comes out a few times a year for air shows though. It would be really cool to see this historical aircraft in the simulator.

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I voted. Magnificent WW2 Military plane.

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