Boiler Up! Map art in preparation and excitement for Purdue University’s NCAA March Madness Basketball Run

Fun fact: Purdue University owns and operates the only University owned airport in the USA: KLAF
This was my First attempt at map art and I will definitely be trying again!

Server: Expert Server
Flight Time: 13:05
Route: 3928N/9429W 4224N/9429W 4223N/9249W 4152N/9208W 4035N/9207W 4010N/9250W 4014N/9321W 3913N/9320W 3928N/9429W 4058N/9320W 4058N/9314W 4139N/9314W 4139N/9321W 4058N/9320W 4058N/9314W 4139N/9314W 4223N/9158W 4223N/9049W 3932N/9049W 3929N/9039W 4223N/9039W 4223N/8931W 3901N/8931W 3832N/9011W 3847N/9118W 3927N/9158W 4223N/9157W 4223N/8920W 3821N/8920W 3805N/8812W 3944N/8812W 3943N/8802W 3802N/8802W 3746N/8656W 3940N/8656W 4008N/8722W 4028N/8656W 4143N/8655W 4223N/8736W 4223N/8920W 4134N/8920W 4127N/8812W 4126N/8802W 4040N/8803W 4041N/8811W 4127N/8813W 4223N/8646W 4223N/8459W 4147N/8419W 3900N/8419W 3815N/8456W 3747N/8645W 4223N/8646W 4223N/8411W 4223N/8304W 3931N/8303W 3933N/8253W 4223N/8252W 4223N/8144W 3929N/8144W 3850N/8222W 3834N/8329W 3902N/8411W 4223N/8411W 4126N/8528W 4126N/8537W 3902N/8537W 3904N/8528W 4126N/8527W 4223N/8411W 4223N/8136W 4223N/7941W 4142N/7941W 4139N/8028W 4116N/8027W 4120N/7949W 4037N/7949W 4032N/8028W 3959N/8028W 4008N/7940W 3925N/7940W 3859N/8136W 4223N/8135W



my team is NSCU, plz don’t try to play them
good luck, i hope you the good

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my dad has our final four tickets reserved 😎


Perdure Airport is also expecting Passenger flight on Southern Airways Express from Chicago, Which should begin May 15th. Cant wait to fly this route When the C208 rework comes out!!


Yes! Very Exciting!