Bogota to Cancun @SKBO- 302350ZDEC19 [CANCELLED]

  • Aircraft and Livery: avianca A320

  • Route: Bogota to Cancun

  • Time of Departure: 2350Z (1850 EST)

  • Server:Expert

  • Additional Information:

    • spawn in 5 mins before
    • please use unicom
    • have fun
    • flight plan will be taking us over honduras, panama , and obviously colombia and mexico
    • there might be ATC at cancun so if you get ghosted I am not responsible.

I will also post the link to the weight, fuel, flight plan in about 20 mins (2340Z)

There’s no Interjet sadly! (Or I’m I wrong?)

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It’s the Indian one. I can’t really find a difference

Lmao. Cool think what you want! They look a bit different, but same color! Anyways that not Interjet!

Ok it’s Indigo not interjet 🤣

Thats like saying southwest and Jetblue are the same 🤔

Not really. Anyways have a nice day

Closed at OP request.