Bogata recon

Spent a little time on break at work scoping out the Bogata hub for FNF tonight with a short hop from SKBO to SKGY. Can’t wait to see y’all down there.


Hi! Thanks for sharing these! I moved this to the #screenshots-and-videos category which is where you can share photos! Could you remove the hud and follow all requirements please? I’ve linked a topic with all the information.


Does that say… 6714 ft/m and 378 kts airspeed? In a TBM???

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Yes I was doing a quick hop out of Dorado and still getting use to flying with my phone lol.

Thanks for the help

Great photos! Glad you had fun! Just reminder for next time to follow the guidelines so your topic does not get closed!😉

Yeah I’m aware of the folks that relocated my post to the correct area let me know. Still trying to figure out how to turn my HUD off on my iphone

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No problem! And to take the HUD out of your screenshot: Go into replay mode, and click the camera in the bottom right of the screen, and it will take a screenshot of the screen without the HUD😉

I didn’t realize that. That would definitely help me take better screenshots instead of trying to take them while trying to maintain control of my plane LOL. Thank you for taking the time to share a little knowledge. Hope to see you in Bogotá tonight

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You too! Have fun!

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