Boeing's Private B737-700BBJ Lands in Manchester, NH Brining 500K Masks to New Hampshire

We got another shipment of important medical equipment today!

Boeing Corporation has decided to join the COVID-19 medical equipment airlift by sending their Boeing 737-700BBJ from China to Manchester, NH as their first ever medical equipment Airlift mission.
Not only was this a very special flight, The CEO of Boeing was also onboard this flight to Manchester, NH!

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New Hampshire is expecting another 100K in Medical Equipment by the end of the April, so I will be on the lookout of when this flight will be arriving into MHT! It truly has been an amazing month with different planes coming into Manchester, NH that we normally never get!

All of the flight costs and transport of this airlift mission was paid by Boeing.


I would like to apologize for the lack of Pictures, as I am a YouTuber, I filmed the airplane instead. I still hope you like the pictures!

N839BA - Boeing 737-700BBJ arrives into MHT at 11:12am

Taxiing to Signature FBO

Close up shot of the front

Arrived at Signature, with Fire trucks standing by


Thanks for visiting my topic! I hope you liked the pictures!


Nice looking BBJ. Great shots!


Video is now available to watch. I hope you like it!

That’s great on how the 737-700 BBJ can travel so far, especially with the Boeing CEO onboard!

He is not that heavy

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